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International Track by SEMRush

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19 Giugno
11:00 - 11:40
International Track by SEMRush
Contrary to how it may seem, many great creative content ideas don't just appear from thin air. One successful, creative piece of content almost always results from a lot of behind the scenes planning. In this session we will look at the planning, process, tools and research tactics used by theMediaFlow to create successful creative
content that delivers.

19 Giugno
11:45 - 12:25
International Track by SEMRush
"Why Categorized the web. - Learn why links in one part of the internet can affect a completely different part of the internet - Understand how to use Topical Trust Flow to find and evaluate Twitter personalities and profiles - Learn why Topical relationships may be an increasing part of search engine algorithms"

19 Giugno
14:35 - 15:15
International Track by SEMRush

Large-scale tech-SEO for HUGE, international sites

Bastian Grimm
Grimm Digital GmbH & Co. KG
Having dealt with a good amount of the largest websites all over Europe, Bastian is going to share his top tips to gain maximum visibility, rankings and ultimately traffic. Don’t miss this session as it’ll be having a lot of technical insights, especially for large sites but will also cover common mistakes and pitfalls which you
absolutely need to prevent from happening.

19 Giugno
15:20 - 16:00
International Track by SEMRush

Making Sense of Your Analytics

Lukasz Zelezny
uSwitch Ltd
Failures to interpret data can often create missed opportunities when brands become unable to make well-informed, insight driven actions.
This session will show you how to develop best practices for data analysis; utilising analytics strategies and tactics that can better equip your brand to meet business objectives and develop
effective future strategic actions.
- How do we make sense of the visitor information we collect?
- How do we segment visitors to create meaningful groups that tell the ""story"" of our data?
- How can we interpret results and develop appropriate and actionable responses that meet our organisation's business objective

19 Giugno
16:35 - 17:15
International Track by SEMRush

Guerrilla User Testing for Search

Stephen Kenwright
User signals topped Searchmetrics' 2014 ranking factors, but what users search for to find out websites and what they do when they get there have been arguably the biggest ranking factors in Google's algorithm for a few years. We can improve engagement with users, which can improve traffic and conversion - this talk will cover what we
should be looking to change and how we should be measuring it without the big budgets required for lab testing.

19 Giugno
17:20 - 18:00
International Track by SEMRush
Hope is not a strategy.
SEO professionals often make unrealistic forecasts or they try to avoid making them altogether, because of the extreme uncertainty of the search environment. The lack of clear KPIs and achievable milestones is one of the reasons that make a budget owner skeptical when it comes to SEO. Not having SMART goals
also affects the commitment and the performance of an SEO team.
With all the data that is readily available, we are now able to clarify the SEO opportunity that lies ahead for a brand and also plan and estimate growth over time, in a comprehensible and trustworthy way.
An approach that worked for more than 90% of 300+ SEO campaigns that we evaluated in the past 2 years.


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Matteo Auletta
15 - 16 - 17 GIUGNO 2023 /
Rimini Fiera

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